Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Maya's Quilt

My wonderful friend Renee’s beautiful daughter will be two in May, and I thought I’d make her a quilt. Renee will only find out whether their next baby’s going to be a boy or a girl in April, so I need to keep myself busy before I know what colour schemes I’ll be working with for the next little one.

I found this pattern for a quilt made of two star blocks, one is ‘eccentric star’ the other is ‘friendship star’ – both seemed fitting!

After spending far too long trying to decide which fabrics to use in which position in which star, I came up with this:

And I hate it. 

I hate the way the top one (eccentric star) looks so busy pattern-wise. And how the centre fabric is too modern and tiny to look good next to the intricate swirly flower patters of the other fabrics. I'm happy with the friendship star though; nice and bright and funky.

So, now to re-do the eccentric stars...

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